Epsilon 1 Mining

Epsilon 1, XRF spectrometers, PANalytical

Best accuracy

Highly concentrated samples can cause detector saturation resulting in lower accuracy or longer measuring times. Epsilon 1 uses the latest in silicon drift technology to handle these highly concentrated samples without any loss of accuracy or increased measuring times.

Epsilon 1, XRF spectrometers, PANalytical

Atmospheric variations

Low-energy X-ray photons characteristic of elements like sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus and sulfur are sensitive to air-pressure and temperature variations. Built-in temperature and air-pressure sensors compensate for these atmospheric variations, ensuring unaffected results whatever the weather.

Self contained system

A built-in computer running Microsoft Windows 7 with powerful CPU and 120 GB hard drive ensures flexibility to store and handle thousands of results. The high-resolution, 10.4” LCD touch screen is ideal for easy walk-up and operation.

Tube, Epsilon tube, PANalytical

Maximum sensitivity

The thin window Ag anode X-ray tube, designed and manufactured by PANalytical, ensures high quality and sensitivity. The selection of Ag anode material is ideal for the accurate quantification of P and S that are very common in ores, without interference of possible line overlaps in the XRF spectrum, leading to more reliable results. The 50 kV X-ray tube and generator is ideal for exciting heavier elements, resulting in faster analysis times.

Epsilon 1, XRF spectrometers, PANalytical

Spillage protection

In order to shield the delicate heart of the system from spillage, a protection foil is in place. In case of spillage, the foil can be replaced easily by the operator.

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