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Epsilon 1

Small and powerful

The Epsilon 1 is a fully integrated energy dispersive XRF analyzer consisting of a spectrometer, built-in computer and analysis software. Powered by the latest advances in excitation and detection technology the Epsilon 1 is a star performer in the low-cost benchtop instrument class. A well designed optical path, a wide range of excitation capabilities ranging from 10 to 50 kV for light and heavier elements and a highly sensitive SDD detector system contribute to the uniqueness of Epsilon 1.

Software has the flexibility to perform basic to more sophisticated analysis, such as layer thickness and composition determination of metals and coatings using Stratos. Or carry out cluster analysis based on PCA of spectral X-ray fingerprints of a wide variety of materials using FingerPrinting software module

Especificações e opcionais

Sample handling X-ray tube Detector Software features
Highly repeatable sample positioning High-stability ceramic side window High-resolution, typical 135 eV Operator mode with big buttons for easy operation
Any sample with maximum dimensions of 15 x 12 x 10 cm (WxDxH) 50 micrometer thin window (Be) 8 micrometer thin window (Be) Advanced mode with many features
Spillage protection against liquids Silver anode, ideal for phosphorus and sulfur analysis High count rate detector capacity Stratos module
Max voltage 50 kV, ideal for heavier elements FingerPrinting module
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