Epsilon 4 spectrometers

Epsilon 4
Mining & minerals

At-line elemental analysis directly in the mine or next to the production line.

Epsilon 4
Oils & fuels

Comply with EPA TIER 3 and ISO 13032 for analyzing sulfur in fuels and oils.

Epsilon 4
Lubricating oils

Comply with ASTM D7751-15 for analyzing additives in lubricating oils.

Epsilon 4
Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics

Comply with ICH Q3D, USP <232>, <233> and <735> for trace element analysis of impurities in excipients and API.

Epsilon 4
Food & environment

Comply with EPA IO-3.3 for air filter analysis and ISO 18227, ISO 15309 and ASTM C1255 for soils analysis.

Epsilon 4
Building materials

Comply with ASTM C114-15 and reduce the feedback time by placing Epsilon 4 next to the production line.

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