CNA Pentos-Cement

CNA Pentos-Cement, PANalytical

CNA Pentos-Cement

Quarry management

Installation of a CNA Pentos at the quarry makes it possible to effectively utilize lower grade materials by providing rapid analyses of the material going to the stockpile. This can significantly increase the lifetime of the quarry.

Stockpile optimization

A CNA Pentos-Cement ahead of the stockpile ensures that pile quality targets are met, chemical variation is reduced, and minimal correction is required upon reclaim.

Raw mix control

Using the CNA Pentos, the raw mix chemistry is measured at 1 minute intervals. This enables immediate correction of mix proportioning ratios with no mill transport delay. The end result is a raw mix that is both stable and on target, enabling stable kiln operation and the resulting reduction in fuel consumption and extension of refractory life.

Cost saving opportunities

  • Improving kiln operation
  • Reducing laboratory cost and preparation labor
  • Improving grinding efficiency while reducing energy cost to grind
  • Improving lifetime of kiln refractory
  • Reducing use of additives
  • Extending quarry life
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