Epsilon Xflow mining

Monitoring of liquids and liquors in mining operations

Processing of ores and concentrates requires frequent and accurate monitoring to ensure highest efficiency and minimal costs. Epsilon Xflow enables
on-line control of the composition of processing liquids, liquors, reagents and waste water under rough process conditions.

Real-time analysis of liquors and reagents during ore processing

To extract metals like copper, nickel or uranium from ores, aggressive and often highly acidic liquids are utilized. The Epsilon Xflow can cope with
challenging process conditions and still offers the required accuracy and stability over longer periods of operation. When disturbing impurities are detected,
the multi-elemental capability of the analyzer enables fast counteractions.
The on-line analyzer features direct and accurate feedback of the leaching process and saves expensive reagents, to lower the costs of the processing
per 1 ton of material.

Mine waste water control

Constant on-line monitoring of the quality of mine waste water is mandatory for keeping the environmental footprint minimal and for protecting life around
mining operations from harmful elements.
Epsilon Xflow can detect traces of toxic metals and other elements on the spot and enables immediate counteractions to prevent environmental damage
and penalties.

Tailings management

Read the article published in International Mining July 2017.

Epsilon Xflow

On-line liquid analysis with the Epsilon Xflow gives the solution for fast and accurate control of your process parameters.

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