XML Schema versions

XML Schema versions

Version 1.5

• Added Gamma axisType and Gamma scanAxisType; added areaDetectorType and areaDetectorModeType.
• Added element feedbackTime to areaDetectorType; extended measuremenType attribute of measurement element with Computed tomography measurement.

Version 1.4

Added 2Theta-Phi and Phi-2Theta scanAxisType; renamed Psi to Chi in axisType and scanAxisType.

Version 1.3

The differences between version 1.3 and 1.2 are:
• A new optional attribute "SampleMode" is added to the "Measurement" element. This attribute can have one of the following values: "Reflection", "Transmission" or "Capillary".
• The attribute "MeasurementType" of the "Measurement" element is extended with the value "Wobbled Scan". The wobbling axis is defined by the existing attribute "MeasurementStepAxis".

Version 1.2

In version 1.2 Focussing Mirrors are supported by extending the enumeration of the "shape" attribute with "Elliptic". This attribute is part of the "complexType" "crystalType".

Version 1.1

In version 1.1 the optional elements "name" and "preparedBy" have been added to "sampleType".

Version 1.0

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