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PANalytical’s philosophy is that our users can do with their XRD measurement data whatever they want. Therefore, all data that are measured with PANalytical’s XRD instruments are stored in the open XRDML file format. This file format is XML based and stores XRD measurement data in a human readable format along with all information required to reproduce the data. Users can now create their own routines in data processing programs, such as Matlab.

XML schema

The XRDML schema is under continuous development to follow the latest additions to the PANalytical XRD product portfolio. In order to be compatible with the latest XRDML schemes and to benefit from the latest features, the most recent XRDML schema version is available.
Detailed documentation about the data structure is available for those users that want to create their own routines that read XRDML files.

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Note: ownership and copyright of the XRDML schema lies exclusively with PANalytical, as well as the right to make successor or derivate versions of the schema. However, PANalytical takes no responsibility for any disadvantages or damages caused by the use of this published schema.

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