The Petro edition of Zetium

Design features for compliance

  • The 1 kW SST-R Rh tube delivers exceptional performance for the majority of applications (upgrades to 2.4, 3 and 4 kW available)
  • User-friendly software with integrated intelligence for novice and advanced users
  • Small sample load port volume minimizes helium consumption
  • Automatic sample recognition and vacuum-helium switching
  • Liquid cup construction tools for simple sample preparation

Advanced software and unique application solutions

  • The latest version of our renowned SuperQ software features a new, streamlined user interface, advanced matrix correction algorithms, such as multi-scatter fluorescence, integration of ED deconvolution and integrated intelligence with the Virtual Analyst
  • Guarenteed compliance at start-up with factory pre-calibrated Compliance Modules:
    • S in mineral oil (ASTM D2622)
    • S in diesel (ASTM D2622)
    • S in gasoline (ASTM D2622)
    • additives in lubrication oils (ASTM D6443)
  • Oil Trace eliminates mass/volume dependance and allows different types of petrochemicals to be measured against a single calibration, eliminating the cost of calibration samples and the time required to maintain multiple calibrations

Upgrade packages to meet every challenge

The modular design of the Zetium platform allows optimization of the Petro edition through the addition of upgrade packages that deliver tangible benefits:

  • SumXcore - for reduction in analysis times and identification of unexpected elements in production samples
  • Small Spot Mapping - ideal for the analysis of inorganic inclusions (catalysts, additives, etc.) for process troubleshooting
  • Speed & throughput - for faster sample analysis
  • Robustness & uptime - for tough environments
  • Flexibility - to accomodate sample size variations
  • Performance enhancement - for superior sensitivity
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