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XRF sample preparation, glass beads by borate fusion (booklet)

PANalytical, XRF

XRF sample preparation, James P. Willis

This book provides an introduction to the concept of borate fusion as a sample preparation method for XRF analysis.

The use of powdered samples in XRF analysis has a number of undesirable effects, such as decrease or increase of emitted X-ray intensity due to mineralogy effects. The best, and in some instances the only, means of eliminating these effects is to fuse the sample with a suitable flux and cast it as a glass bead.
Chapter 2 describes in detail the preparation of glass disks.
Chapter 3 discusses pyrosulfate fusions.
In chapter 4 various fusion instruments are described whereas chapter 5 deals with the care and use of platinum ware.
Chapters 6 to 8 discuss miscellaneous aspects of the fusion technique.
Chapter 9 shows a list of references from the literature.

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