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Simultaneous WDXRF

PANalytical, XRF

Elements measured simultaneously

A simultaneous XRF spectrometer is ideal for routine analysis, where the elements of interest are known in advance. These are measured simultaneously using a number of pre-assembled fixed 'channels' placed around the sample. Each is effectively a self-contained spectrometer, with a crystal and detector tuned to receive a single wavelength, based on the conditions described by Bragg's law.

Although simultaneous measurement means that the same excitation conditions must be used for all elements, the ability to use focusing optics enables channel sensitivities to be optimized for this mode of operation. Multi-element analysis is typically completed in a few seconds.

Instruments may also be equipped with one or more goniometers, to provide added application versatility and permit the measurement of unforeseen elements. Simultaneous XRF is typically used for applications where speed of analysis is key. Typical applications include analysis of metals and alloys, plus exploration activities for the mining industry.

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