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High-throughput screening


Improving efficiency in your working environment

High-throughput screening (HTS) allows researchers to perform tests on a large number of samples, often prepared in well plates. The HTS method is widely applicable across a wide range of materials and development processes wherever variation in parameters results in a multitude of different samples. HTS is a relatively recent innovation, made feasible through modern advances in robotics and high-speed computer aided analysis. The approach can be applied to different techniques including: chromatography, calorimetry, mass spectroscopy, IR or Raman spectroscopy, microscopy and XRD.

Applications in research and production

Whether working in drug discovery, catalyst development, new materials research or quality control; the enormous number of samples that must be prepared, measured, analyzed and reported can be overwhelming. The development of ultra-fast X-ray detectors allows XRD to be applied to HTS in well plates. A non-destructive technique, XRD also supports further studies of the samples with complementary techniques.

Solutions for high-throughput screening

PANalytical offers a high-throughput screening solution for the Empyrean platform providing a complete solution for high throughput XRD.

Empyrean’s programmable XYZ stage is ideal for sample mapping and analysis in well plates when using optimized transmission or reflection geometry. Part of the family of exchangeable PreFIX stages, the XYZ stage does not need alignment. Customized solutions are available. Please contact PANalytical for a feasibility study.

Empyrean’s Operator Interface is a dedicated software package for automatic measurements. It allows customizable well plate grid definition and easy measurement and analysis. Scripting allows the complete automation of any analysis, from phase identification to the quantification of amorphous contents.

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) based cluster analysis using HighScore Plus software greatly reduces the number of scans requiring detailed analysis and therefore improving throughput. The ability to process data from complementary techniques, silhouettes and mixture detection by fuzzy clustering make HighScore Plus the most complete diffraction analysis toolbox currently available.

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