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PANalytical's participation in developing industry standards

PANalytical understands the need of XRF users for practical analytical solutions and workable industry standards to comply with REACH, RoHS II, WEEE and ELV directives. Driven by this understanding, the company actively participates in the international discussions and decision-making processes for method and standard development.

Customer benefits

PANalytical customers benefit in many ways from our proactive approach in this area. We provide our customers with first-hand information on new directives. Close involvement with the committees enables us to include our customers' needs in the creation of useful and practical standards. Our expertise is used to translate the standards into industry solutions and we optimize our systems to suit the specific regulatory requirements.


PANalytical’s participation in ISO, focuses on the petrochemical industry in TC 28 regarding petroleum products and lubricants. We provide participants to fulfil both a committee member role and act as liaison to CEN.


PANalytical is represented in ASTM International - one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world. Government regulators often cite ASTM standards in legislation, regulations and codes of practice. Our involvement is visible through the many XRF standards we have initiated and participated in, such as a standard test method for identification and quantification of restricted substances in polymeric materials. PANalytical provides the chair of F40, the committee on restricted materials in substances.


PANalytical is also represented in the Dutch national body for method development (NEN). Through our long experience in XRF we make a valuable contribution - our input continues to shape the development of viable new methods and standards.

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