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Fast and reliable polymer X-ray analysis

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Plastics recycling solutions

One of the growing industrial applications of XRF is recycling – an area which is increasing in importance due to awareness of environmental issues.

XRF takes an important identification and quantification role in recycling

Recycling of plastics is a demanding task. First of all, the collected plastics must be fully identified and this is where XRF takes its important role. It is ideal for screening additives in plastics and checking for certain chemical elements frequently present such as Sb, Br, Cl, Fe, Cu and Ti used as fire retardants or pigments. The Epsilon 4 uses FingerPrint providing an ideal tool for qualitative sorting of different plastics, PVC, PE and PP types, PS, PET and others.

Modest costs make the Epsilon 4 a practical choice for sample pre-scanning or as a backup to other main-line systems. If you are looking for traces and smaller quantities of pigments or additives, identifying the same plastic but a different manufacturer, the Polymers edition of Zetium is the solution.

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