Remote Assistance Suite

Get the newest secure and easy remote support solutions

Always in control of your Axios or Zetium system

The newest generation of secure and easy remote support solutions is now available for your Axios and Zetium X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer. With this free, fast and efficient tool, help from our team is just a few clicks away. Minimize downtime of your system with the help of the Remote Assistance Suite.

The new Remote Assistance Suite comprises remote hard- and software support as well as support with your applications. Additionally the Remote Assistance Suite offers a System Health Evaluator and System certification for an evaluation of your system’s performance.

Content Remote Assistance Suite:

• Remote hardware assistance
• Remote software assistance
• Application support
• System Health Evaluator against unauthorized access from outside.
• System certification

The Remote Assistance Suite comes with SuperQ 5.3 for Axios systems and SuperQ 6.0F for Zetium systems. Both software versions are Windows 10 compliant. All systems with SuperQ version 4.0 or higher can be upgraded to benefit from the Remote Assistance Suite features.

The secured tool follows the highest industry standards for security and uses encrypted data, protected against unauthorized access from outside.

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