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Axios FAST/Applications

Axios FAST expresses its analytical power by performing in high throughput environments like service labs, with the analysis of mining samples (e.g. Fe-ore, Ni-ore) but also in a wide range of production and quality control applications involved in the iron and steel industry, where immediate sample analysis is needed. Typical applications are: wide range calibration for low alloy, ferritic and austenitic steels, wide range calibration of Al alloys, wide range calibration of titanium alloys, analysis of low alloy steels, analysis of stainless steels, analysis of tool steels, analysis of cast iron and analysis of iron ore samples prepared as fused beads.

SuperQ Thin Film/GEM300

GEM300 is the catch-all name for the SEMI standards that address 300 mm automation. The software and hardware requirements for automated process control of processing and metrology tools, including the interfaces with automatic, personal and rail-guided vehicles (AGVs, PGVs and RGVs) plus overhead hoisted transports (OHTs) are provided. GEM300 provides a consistent interface towards the factory host, while the SEMI E95 compliant user interface makes the GEM300 functionality available to the user. PANalytical's GEM300 implementation and operational details are continuously verified against the industry standard test package. These capabilities join the standard SEMI SECS/GEM communication standards E4, E5, E30 and E37.1

OBLF/OES in automation
OBLF/OES in automation

For many years there has been a very close relationship between PANalytical and OBLF where OBLF’s optical emission spectrometers are integrated into PANalytical’s automated laboratory systems for customers in the metals market. As both companies believe in exceptional product quality and robustness together with strong focus on customer satisfaction, the combination provides solid solution for customers in this demanding market. OBLF’s optical emission spectrometers can be integrated by adding the PANalytical’s automation module or even integrate them into the unique hybrid XRF/OES solution TEAMWorks. All OBLF spectrometers are identified by their robustness, high performance, ease of use and limited maintenance requirements. We deliver all instruments factory pre-calibrated running all required recalibration samples to ensure a proper match between the individual spectrometers and the customers' applications. The OBLF QSN 750-II and QSG 750-II can comfortably be integrated in automation systems where the handling of the sample is performed by a non-human device (like a robot). The OBLF GS 1000-II, QSN 750-II and QSG 750-II Optical Emission Spectrometers can even be integrated with the PANalytical simultaneous XRF unit Axios FAST forming the unique hybrid XRF/OES solution 'TEAMWorks'. In case the automation of the Optical Emission Spectrometer is performed by PANalytical, a dedicated robot enclosure (also holding the control- and recalibration samples) ensures full-safe operation even allowing for manual measurement of samples without closing down the automation system. Read more about Automation.

Epsilon 4 Lubricating oils/Features

Epsilon 4 is a star-performing benchtop XRF instrument and is well suited for the analysis of additives and wear metals in fresh and unused lubricating oils. The benchtop XRF instrument provides a fast method for the analysis of lubricating oils without the need for sample preparation and use of chemicals. Epsilon 4 complies with the latest test method ASTM D7751-15 for the analysis of magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, calcium, zinc and molybdenum in fresh lubricating oil by XRF.