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SuperQ Thin Film/GEM300

GEM300 is the catch-all name for the SEMI standards that address 300 mm automation. The software and hardware requirements for automated process control of processing and metrology tools, including the interfaces with automatic, personal and rail-guided vehicles (AGVs, PGVs and RGVs) plus overhead hoisted transports (OHTs) are provided. GEM300 provides a consistent interface towards the factory host, while the SEMI E95 compliant user interface makes the GEM300 functionality available to the user. PANalytical's GEM300 implementation and operational details are continuously verified against the industry standard test package. These capabilities join the standard SEMI SECS/GEM communication standards E4, E5, E30 and E37.1

Non-ambient components/Applications

DHS 1100 is a heating attachment designed for advanced thin film applications (phase identification, reflectometry, high-resolution XRD) and advanced residual stress and texture measurements on thin films or bulk samples. Thanks to the compact design of DHS 1100 and optimized integration on Empyrean and X’Pert³ MRD diffractometers reliable sample positioning is easy and straightforward. An optional powder sample holder can be mounted on the heater plate for powder X-ray diffraction in reflection geometry.