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Focus on the details to capture the bigger picture

Do you need elemental analysis of small objects or small inclusions in electronic appliances, toys, jewelry, rocks or finished products? Epsilon 1 for small spot analysis, a compact X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, is the ideal analytical solution for a flexible and precise spot-on analysis. The measuring procedure is easy and straightforward: Place any shaped sample directly in the spectrometer without the need of sample preparation. Position the requested detail above the small measuring spot with the help of a color camera, initiate the measurement and receive your results. Due to the self-contained design and small footprint, Epsilon 1 can be placed close to the sample location, making the instrument an ideal solution for any elemental analysis in production facilities, exploration sites, at the shop counter or even at crime sites for forensic investigation. The performance of the spectrometer meets the standard test methods required by different directives and regulations in various industry markets, like RoHS-2 for electronics and CPSIA for many consumer goods.

X'Press 2/2017

Our periodical X'Press, the customers' voice, contains news items, reports of trips and conferences and customer stories. 'How to collaborate?' is the central theme of the second issue of X’Press in 2017. After almost 15 years of being PANalytical we have started the collaboration with Malvern to create the new company Malvern PANalytical. History shows that many discoveries have only been possible by the collaboration of (a number of) scientists. A regular exchange of ideas, discussions of controversial or problematic issues and a joint refinement of findings can ultimately lead to a breakthrough. This has always been PANalytical’s and Malvern’s style of collaborating with our customers (you find a few examples in this issue) and it is one of the important common features of both companies.

X'Press 1/2017

Our periodical X'Press, the customers' voice, contains news items, reports of trips and conferences and customer stories. 'How to invest?' is the central theme of the first issue of X’Press in 2017. In the future, we must move away from purely transactional business. Our customers around the world are asking more from their suppliers. Together, we will define and agree an approach to your challenges. Our solution will comprise not just an instrument but the relevant software, application knowledge and service. This will be installed and tested according to the requirements defined at the beginning of the process. In this way, we want to ensure that our customers are getting the most value from their investments with us.


Our consultancy services encompass proactive support, dedicated consultations from PANalytical application specialists, and assistance in the development of optimized analytical methodologies. Customers may, for example, require a straightforward ‘one-off’ program, focused on optimizing a single method. Alternatively, an ongoing program can combine yearly or half-yearly visits from application specialists, with telephone and remote computer support. Such an agreement often begins with an introduction visit from a PANalytical application specialist. This establishes a clear understanding of the operational environment and assesses the potential of the installed system.