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The Minerals edition of Aeris/Features

The only automatable benchtop diffractometer for high sample throughput Aeris can be connected with a belt or a robot for fast and automated sample processing. The power of combining technologies The twin solution provides full material characterization by adding elemental composition information from Zetium to the phase identification by Aeris. Industry standard sample holders tailored to your needs • Collection of 51.5 mm sample holders • 40 mm sample holders

Epsilon 4 Lubricating oils/Features

Epsilon 4 is a star-performing benchtop XRF instrument and is well suited for the analysis of additives and wear metals in fresh and unused lubricating oils. The benchtop XRF instrument provides a fast method for the analysis of lubricating oils without the need for sample preparation and use of chemicals. Epsilon 4 complies with the latest test method ASTM D7751-15 for the analysis of magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, calcium, zinc and molybdenum in fresh lubricating oil by XRF.