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SuperQ Thin Film/GEM200

The SEMI Equipment Communications Standard (SECS) to Generic Equipment Model (GEM) interface is the semiconductor industry's standard for equipment-to-host communications. GEM200 is the PANalytical software module that enables users of PANalytical XRF metrology systems to easily and reliably interface with the wafer production host in compliance with the SECS/GEM standard. In an automated wafer production environment the interface can start and stop equipment processing, collect measurement data, change variables and select recipes for products. Developed by the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) organization, the standards define a common set of equipment behavior and communications capabilities.

SuperQ Thin Film/GEM300

GEM300 is the catch-all name for the SEMI standards that address 300 mm automation. The software and hardware requirements for automated process control of processing and metrology tools, including the interfaces with automatic, personal and rail-guided vehicles (AGVs, PGVs and RGVs) plus overhead hoisted transports (OHTs) are provided. GEM300 provides a consistent interface towards the factory host, while the SEMI E95 compliant user interface makes the GEM300 functionality available to the user. PANalytical's GEM300 implementation and operational details are continuously verified against the industry standard test package. These capabilities join the standard SEMI SECS/GEM communication standards E4, E5, E30 and E37.1


The ADPOL module enables easy and accurate elemental analysis of common additive and filler elements. Assisted by ready to use application templates, little effort is needed for optimal system set-up. Your benefit is accurate and trustworthy elemental composition of your polymers, compounds and plastics realized in minutes. Moreover ADPOL is manufactured in close cooperation with DSM Resolve, an industry leader in polymer analysis and close relations with world leading polymer manufacturers.

Empyrean Nano edition/Features

The unique flexibility to easily and quickly configure the Empyrean Nano edition for the different X-ray scattering techniques is enabled by a 2-circle goniometer platform on which quickly interchangeable, pre-aligned X-ray modules (PreFIX) and sample stages can be mounted. Whereas SAXS measurements can be readily done with a static detector, the goniometer comes into play for accessing the extended angular range that is required for WAXS and ultimately for total scattering (PDF) measurements. With a smallest 2theta step width of 0.0001 deg the high-resolution goniometer also readily supports the USAXS application. For accessing highest possible scattering vectors, the standard Cu X-ray tube can be easily exchanged against a Ag or Mo one.

The Metals edition of Aeris/Applications

XRD is a key technology at every step of the steel making process. It is a valuable tool for rapid and accurate materials characterization of raw and intermediate materials employed in the steel making process (such as iron ore, sinter and direct reduced iron). Application of XRD is also ideal for quality control of the final products as it provides fast and precise quantification of metal phases such as retained austenite. The Aeris Metals edition is your partner at every stage of the production process, from raw material to the final product