Product (457)

The Petro edition of Zetium/Applications

The Petro edition, like all Zetium spectrometers, delivers reliable analytical performance regardless of the application and excels in areas related to petrochemicals, such as: • sulfur in petroleum products in accordance with relevant ISO and ASTM international test methods • additives in unused lube oils according to ASTM 4927 and D6443 • additives and wear metals in used lube oils • Single calibration for many oils,fuels and petrochemicals using the Oil-Trace package.


To integrate a Zetium spectrometer with a belt conveyor system, installations can include inverters fitted on either the left- and/or right-hand side where necessary. Belts can connect at different heights and from various directions. It is also possible to place the conveyor feed directly into the sample changer area. For integration with robotic systems, back-feed units are available that allow a clear and secure separation of the robot from a manual operator approaching the spectrometer from the front.