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The Cement edition of Zetium/Applications

The Cement edition, like all Zetium spectrometers, delivers reliable analytical performance regardless of the application and is ideally suited to the analysis of materials in the cement production process, such as: • Raw mix for kiln feed composition • Clinker, especially the moduli and the halogen cycle in the kiln, as well as accurate bulk free lime concentrations • Cement during the final blending and dispatch • Deliveries from the quarry • Incoming goods, such as raw materials, fuels and alternative fuels • Special applications like lubricative oils analysis and trace element analysis in alternative fuels

The Cement edition of Zetium/Options
The Cement edition of Zetium/Options

In normal production control pressed powders are the preferred sample type for the analysis of raw mix and clinker. However, this requires ‘in house’ reference samples for the calibration of the system for which sample referencing is included with the Cement edition of Zetium. Our ISO 17025-certified laboratory will analyze a maximum of 25 of your samples that will serve as calibration samples. Cement can also be analyzed as pressed powder but since generally the regulations for shipments are strict, the analysis of fused beads is often preferred. The PANalytical CEMOXI solution provides standards for the analysis of 13 oxides in cement and raw meals including limestone, following the cement norms ASTM C114 and ISO 29581-2. CEMOXI can be ordered as an additional item together with the Zetium XRF spectrometer. For the analysis of raw material the pressed powder technique is not recommended but can be done with locally supplied standards for the calibration. The PANalytical solution, WROXI , provides standards for the complete analysis of 21 oxides in cement and the raw materials associated with its production.


To integrate a Zetium spectrometer with a belt conveyor system, installations can include inverters fitted on either the left- and/or right-hand side where necessary. Belts can connect at different heights and from various directions. It is also possible to place the conveyor feed directly into the sample changer area. For integration with robotic systems, back-feed units are available that allow a clear and secure separation of the robot from a manual operator approaching the spectrometer from the front.

The Petro edition of Zetium/Applications

The Petro edition, like all Zetium spectrometers, delivers reliable analytical performance regardless of the application and excels in areas related to petrochemicals, such as: • sulfur in petroleum products in accordance with relevant ISO and ASTM international test methods • additives in unused lube oils according to ASTM 4927 and D6443 • additives and wear metals in used lube oils • Single calibration for many oils,fuels and petrochemicals using the Oil-Trace package.