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Epsilon benchtop tube/Features

By fully utilizing the possibilities of ceramic design, a very close coupling of the anode to the sample was realized, yielding a high intensity at low power settings. Furthermore, the Epsilon tube can operate over a wide range of kV/mA settings, maintaining high power and intensity at even low kV. This flexibility enables selection of optimum excitation conditions resulting in excellent analytical performance, even for the light elements like F, Na and Mg. In addition a Be window with a thickness of only 50 µm increases the light-element performance even further.


Current version: 6.1 Compatible with Windows XP and Windows 10. XRD2DScan is compatible with Data Collector, HighScore (Plus) and EasySAXS. Input file types: .xrdml (2D type) and .psf Output file types (2D): .psf and .bmp Output file types (1D): different ASCII type of files, depending on the scan type.           2theta scan: .2Dint (for HighScore), .dat (for EasySAXS, converted in q-scan)           gamma scan: .gsc           line scan: .2Dint, .lsc           d-space scan: .dsc