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CubiX³ Potflux/Features

High-speed XRD systems like CubiX³ Potflux allow the use of standardless methods such as Rietveld quantification. RoboRiet enables the operator to perform such Rietveld quantifications completely automatically and transfers the results to a customer-defined destination (LIMS, paper, table…). Electrolytic bath (or potflux) analysis with the standard Rietveld method has several advantages: distinction between and determination of the two different Ca-cryolite phases; direct calculation of crucial process parameters like exAlF3 or bath ratio from phase quantification and total calcium data. Results are not influenced by line overlaps, sample height and preferred orientation.


The X’Celerator covers a wide range of materials research and powder diffraction applications requiring the medium and higher energy range of XRD wavelengths namely X-rays from Co, Cu, Mo, Ag tubes: • Phase identification and high throughput screening • Standardless quantification of mixtures of phases using the Rietveld method • Refinement of crystal structures • Phase transitions at non-ambient conditions using our in situ stages • Phase transitions at non-ambient conditions in combination with our in situ stages • Residual stress, texture and phase identification of metals and alloys • Instances where high sample penetration is required • Pair distribution function (PDF) measurements • Thin film studies