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Non-ambient components/Applications

The BTS 150 and BTS 500 benchtop heating stages are designed for basic in situ X-ray diffraction on powder samples at low to medium-high temperatures for the study of crystal structure changes, phase transformations, chemical reactions, etc. with both organic and inorganic materials. Furthermore basic thin film analysis (phase composition, basic reflectometry) and basic residual stress measurements on relatively thin samples can also be done with these chambers. Main features, specifications and application examples are summarized in the leaflet below.

Epsilon 4 Food & environment/Applications

Epsilon 4 is used to control nutrients in animal feed to keep cattle healthy and minimize manure greenhouse gasses. Other applications include the monitoring of elemental composition of particle matter in ambient air (EPA IO3-3) or of nutrients and salt content in food products. Soil and fertilizer can be analyzed to optimize growth conditions and to ensure the absence of toxic elements according to ISO 18227, ISO 15309 and ASTM C1255. Illustrated below are the significant added values achievable by Epsilon 4, which is just a single modest investment.

Epsilon 1 Lubricating oils/Applications

Spot-on results are provided for a wide range of applications, like RoHS-2, toys, jewelry, rocks and final product inspection. This is made possible by Omnian, PANalytical’s market-leading standardless analysis software package, also used on the more advanced XRF instruments. As an out-of-the-box solution, Omnian can be used to analyze a wide variety of elemental compositions from sodium to americium across the periodic table. With dedicated calibrations, it is possible to follow international test methods, like ASTM F2617 (RoHS), or to screen according to the specifications described by ASTM F963 (toys) and IEC 62123 (electronics).