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Once Pro-Trace is set up by the more experienced XRF user, routine operators benefit from the greatly improved accuracy without ever needing to touch Pro-Trace. All sophisticated accuracy enhancements take place under the bonnet. Special dialogues have been designed for setting up MAC (mass absorption coefficient) calculation, background correction, line overlap correction, tube impurity correction and Feather and Willis background correction calculation. The smart element selector that is accessed via a periodic table is an easy-to-use feature, which ensures that the user measures the correct combination of elements for a series of element subsets.

Non-ambient components/Applications

The MHC-trans is a dedicated chamber for in situ X-ray diffraction with controlled temperature and humidity conditions. It is ideal for in situ studies of dynamic crystal structure changes, phase transformation, chemical reactions and so on in organic and inorganic polycrystalline materials. Thanks to the chamber design not only dry powders but also liquid dispersions/suspensions can be studied. The transmission geometry of MHC-trans enables basic SAXS measurements.