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Non-ambient components/Applications

The CHC plus+ is a unique chamber for in situ X-ray diffraction on powder samples not only at low to medium- high temperatures in dry atmosphere, but also for experiments with controlled temperature and humidity conditions. It is ideal for the in situ study of dynamic crystal structure changes, phase transformation, chemical reactions, etc. in both organic and inorganic powders. Furthermore basic thin film analysis (phase composition, basic reflectivity) and residual stress measurements on relatively thin samples can also be done with this chamber.


The analytical heart of SuperQ includes state-of-the-art proven spectra interpretation, data treatment and matrix correction algorithms. Once a method has been created the routine operation is straightforward and intuitive. Visual menus permit routine operation by all. SuperQ provides a flexible and logical reporting format and is ready for automation. Furthermore, SuperQ can seamlessly deliver results to all LIMS formats and optimal efficiency can be achieved by the simple addition of a barcode reader. Although the software contains all features needed to obtain accurate results, it can also be augmented to meet advanced analytical requirements while keeping the usability for routine operators simple. Designed for the most stringent analytical protocols, SuperQ includes a wealth of expandable optional modules.

ASD TerraSpec Halo/Applications
ASD TerraSpec Halo/Applications

The immediate mineralogy feedback to the field geologist or drill operator provided by TerraSpec Halo enables real-time decisions that improve response times and more effectively manage exploration program costs. This may be in the form of faster delineation of an alteration halo leading to quicker (and more affordable) characterization of an ore body, to on-the-rig mineralogy analysis allowing for optimum usage of drilling time, or faster confirmation the presence of problem gangue minerals at active mine sites.