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Eagon 2/Specifications

Precise temperature control up to 1200 °C: The basis for high reproducibility and reliability. Control over all fusion cycle parameters: Versatility to prepare perfect beads from simple or very complex samples, including up to 3 pre-oxidation stages before melting. 'Cold-to-cold' operation: Safety interlocks on front doors, over-temperature sensors, password-protected menus: A system built for safe and simple operation. User-friendly, plug-and-fuse: simple and straightforward user interface, optional PC connection for backup and restore of programs, requiring a simple energy connection with no need for flammable gases, oxygen, compressed air or water cooling.

Epsilon 1 Mining/Specifications

The total solution consists of an Epsilon 1 XRF spectrometer, factory pre-calibrated with Omnian standardless analysis software, a validation sample and a starting kit for preparing the first 100 loose powder samples. Epsilon 1 can handle a large variety of sample types, weighing from a few grams to larger bulk samples: solids, pressed powders, loose powders, liquids, fused beads, slurries, granules, films and coatings. Also large and irregularly shaped objects can be analyzed.