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QSN 750-II/Features

The software can be operated using a mouse but also (convenient in many cases in the industry) by using the function keys. In addition, the automatic program selection option simplifies assignment of the right analysis program. The individual results and the (automatically calculated) average are immediately available for the operator with a clear indication of elements where the values deviate from the allowed tolerance. Analysis results can be printed, transferred within the network or can be evaluated later.

Expertise/Cement and associated raw material analysis

For process control of a cement plant the elemental composition of raw materials, raw meal, clinker and cement needs to be measured accurately on a continuous basis. These analyses have direct consequences for production process parameters like feed speeds, kiln temperatures, grinding times etc. Optimizing these parameters minimizes production costs. Moreover, accurate analyses also assure product quality and consistency. XRF spectroscopy has become an established analytical method for quantifying the elemental composition of cement and cement-related materials. XRF delivers important advantages, such as straightforward sample preparation, accurate and reproducible results and highly automated analysis. XRF reduces measurement times to a matter of minutes and allows routine analysis to be carried out by factory operators. For accurate analysis, certified standards are essential. The CEMOXI standards set, which is produced from high-purity chemicals, provides very accurate concentrations. These are traceable, bringing the method closer to being a primary analytical solution. The CEMOXI standards set is suited to a wide variety of materials, including cements, clinker, raw meal, limestone, clays and gypsum.