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The Cement edition of Aeris/Applications

Strength, setting properties, hydration properties and chemical resistance of cement are directly linked to the cement mineralogy (see table below). XRD is the method for a direct probing of these minerals in cement, allowing better prediction of the physical properties of the final product already in the production phase and facilitating a more efficient and greener production process. The Aeris Cement edition is your partner at every stage of the cement production process, from raw meal, clinker and (blended) cement to the final product.

The Metals edition of Aeris/Applications

XRD is a key technology at every step of the steel making process. It is a valuable tool for rapid and accurate materials characterization of raw and intermediate materials employed in the steel making process (such as iron ore, sinter and direct reduced iron). Application of XRD is also ideal for quality control of the final products as it provides fast and precise quantification of metal phases such as retained austenite. The Aeris Metals edition is your partner at every stage of the production process, from raw material to the final product