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Application export and distribution/Features

The application data to be transferred is supplied by the central laboratory and is placed in the correct format on a CD-ROM. Via an upload wizard the application data can be loaded locally from this CD-ROM. The upload wizard takes care that differences between configuration of the spectrometer used to develop the applications and the local spectrometer are accounted for properly. The application data distributed this way can consist of the applications themselves, but can also include calibrations, standards, instrument monitors, etc., enabling a quick startup from everywhere.

Non-ambient components/Applications

The BTS 150 and BTS 500 benchtop heating stages are designed for basic in situ X-ray diffraction on powder samples at low to medium-high temperatures for the study of crystal structure changes, phase transformations, chemical reactions, etc. with both organic and inorganic materials. Furthermore basic thin film analysis (phase composition, basic reflectometry) and basic residual stress measurements on relatively thin samples can also be done with these chambers. Main features, specifications and application examples are summarized in the leaflet below.

The Cement edition of Aeris/Features

The only automatable benchtop diffractometer for high sample throughput Aeris can be connected with a belt or a robot for fast and automated sample processing. The power of combining technologies The twin solution provides full material characterization by adding elemental composition information from Zetium to the phase identification by Aeris. Industry standard sample holders tailored to your needs • Collection of 51.5 mm sample holders • 40 mm sample holders