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Remote services

For almost three decades PANalytical has provided remote support for its instruments. Already in the mid-80s the renowned PW1404 was equipped with the first generation of remote availability. With this groundbreaking capability, service engineers were able to get a direct connection via a telephone line to the instrument. The latest remote support solution is now available with the Remote Assistance Suite for Axios and Zetium. Technology has changed dramatically since the first telephone line, but PANalytical’s drive to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction remains intact. Today’s Internet technology supports another step forward in terms of instrument availability.

Optional modules

Use Omnian standardless analysis to deal with applications where standards are unavailable or when qualitative screening measurements provide insufficient information. Use FingerPrint for quick material verification. Examples include positive material identification (PMI) analysis and pass/fail analysis to validate the authenticity of goods. Use Enhanced Data Security (EDS) to support compliancy with regulations like FDA 21 CFR Part 11 in combination with XRF analysis software. Use Stratos to analyze layered or coated samples by means of XRF. Omnian can be included when no bulk standards are available. Use Oil-Trace to analyze a wide variety of fuel-biofuel mixtures to new and used lubricating oils.


PANalytical offers data collection and analysis software for both XRF and XRD applications. Each PANalytical instrument is available with advanced and highly specialized software. This maximizes the effectiveness of the analysis that is performed with that particular instrument. There is a common philosophy behind all our software packages: they are easy to use, fully automatable for occasional users, fully customizable for experts; they come with comprehensive support, a liberal licensing policy designed to meet modern laboratory requirements and support of many data formats and instruments.