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Dare to step into a high-tech world with a strong focus on innovation. At PANalytical you will find ample room for self-confident, committed and client orientated people ready to take on the challenges offered by the company and its customers. Are you the one who is willing to share your talents and pride with your future colleagues? The PANalytical culture is open, friendly and approachable and offers a working environment with a wealth of opportunities for personal development. This is your chance to work in an relatively small, yet globally operating organization. We are outstanding as a dynamic company with a stable performance, developing and manufacturing high-quality, high-tech products. But above all, we value people. PANalytical, a company people love to work for.

Customer Care Agreements

PANalytical assists customers in the assembly of PANassist Customer Care Agreements from clear, solid building blocks to offer the right level of assistance tailored to suit each customer’s specific needs and requirements. Customers select options from an extensive range of service and expertise support. With many years of experience, PANalytical has developed PANassist services into carefully designed base packages that can be expanded with optional services. Each tailored Customer Care Agreement defines the scope of PANalytical’s ongoing support. It not only encompasses reactive support, but also comprises a select mix of yearly or half-yearly preventive maintenance visits from customer support specialists. Regular checks on the validity of customer instrument performance, remote support and help in developing further methods can form part of the agreement too.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable people to get valuable insight into their materials and processes. Our customers can be found in virtually every industry segment, from building materials to pharmaceuticals and from metals and mining to nanomaterials. Together with our customers around the world, we are contributing greatly towards the drive for better housing, safer cars and airplanes, more effective medical therapies, easier and cheaper communications, and a healthier environment. Every day, billions of people use an incredible range of products that have been improved with the help of materials characterization through X-ray analysis and related techniques such as NIR and PFTNA.