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Custom applications

To complement our analytical services PANalytical also provides expert knowledge, accredited reference standards and tailored custom applications and standards. Our Nottingham laboratory maintains a comprehensive schedule of test methods for XRF analysis of 43 elements in pressed powder pellets and 23 elements/oxides in fused glass beads for the following materials: rocks, minerals, sediments, soils, sludges, cements, cement clinker, glasses, fly ash gypsum and building materials. PANalytical’s specialist sample handling includes high-quality analysis and preparation of fused beads for a wide range of difficult elements like fluorine and chlorine, in samples like fluorspar. Expert capabilities also extend to challenges not covered by accredited services such as analysis of manganese in polymers or preparation of milk powder reference material, to name a few.

Customer case 2

Stress measurements on steel are often hampered by a high fluorescent background and peak broadening at high tilt angles, due to sample height misalignment. Use of a parallel beam geometry with Cr radiation can overcome both of these problems. Therefore, we have recently tested a parallel beam X-ray mirror for Cr radiation. Cr radiation reduces the fluorescent background radiation as is observed with copper radiation and provides a proper selection for peaks to be investigated with residual stress analysis. The parallel beam X-ray mirror makes measurements insensitive for sample height misalignment during omega-stress measurements. The parallel beam X-ray mirror is available for our Empyrean.

GS 1000-II presentation

The GS 1000-II spectrometer can be equipped with a double electrode. With the unique double electrode spark stand, the analysis time can be reduced by almost 50% as the time for replacement of the sample, spark stand flushing with argon and pre-sparking for the second burn can be eliminated. Next to the time-savings also a drastic reduction in consumption of argon is achieved and sample placement errors can be avoided. Now watch how Associate Marketing Manager at PANalytical Tim Glose, gives an overview of this optical emission spectrometer.