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Custom applications

To complement our analytical services PANalytical also provides expert knowledge, accredited reference standards and tailored custom applications and standards. Our Nottingham laboratory maintains a comprehensive schedule of test methods for XRF analysis of 43 elements in pressed powder pellets and 23 elements/oxides in fused glass beads for the following materials: rocks, minerals, sediments, soils, sludges, cements, cement clinker, glasses, fly ash gypsum and building materials. PANalytical’s specialist sample handling includes high-quality analysis and preparation of fused beads for a wide range of difficult elements like fluorine and chlorine, in samples like fluorspar. Expert capabilities also extend to challenges not covered by accredited services such as analysis of manganese in polymers or preparation of milk powder reference material, to name a few.

Compliance & integrity

The constantly changing environment and the evolving business needs are reflected in our company’s business values and ethics. We strive to be an excellent business partner and a trustworthy company for our stakeholders. It is our commitment to maintain integrity and compliance in every aspect of our business operations worldwide. It is our mission to improve our customers’ processes by delivering high added value in analytical solutions. We work, communicate and cooperate in a transparent way, with trust and respect for each other and all other stakeholders. Through customer focus, entrepreneurship and focus on quality, in everything we do, we deliver superior value to our customers and shareholders, as a leading analytical company in the market. PANalytical is made up of talented and diverse people who work together with a consistent set of values, that provide the framework in everything we do. Only by living our values by heart, we remain successful as a company, and are able to offer a fantastic work environment. In addition, we are committed to human rights and decent working conditions in our work environment. At PANalytical, we have embedded the principles of sustainability in our policies across different business practices.


Our consultancy services encompass proactive support, dedicated consultations from PANalytical application specialists, and assistance in the development of optimized analytical methodologies. Customers may, for example, require a straightforward ‘one-off’ program, focused on optimizing a single method. Alternatively, an ongoing program can combine yearly or half-yearly visits from application specialists, with telephone and remote computer support. Such an agreement often begins with an introduction visit from a PANalytical application specialist. This establishes a clear understanding of the operational environment and assesses the potential of the installed system.