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For fast heating to 1600 ºC

Anton Paar HTK 16N is a strip heater chamber designed for in situ powder X-ray diffraction in reflection geometry at temperatures up to 1600 ºC in vacuum, air or inert atmosphere. Depending on the experimental requirements, various types of heating strips (Pt, Ta, graphite; others on request) can be mounted inside the chamber. Due to the direct sample heating the heat-up rate with a Pt or Ta strip can be as fast as 400 ºC/min. The design of the chamber is optimized for a minimum temperature gradient along the heating strip and for maximum position stability of the sample. Two thermocouples are available for accurate temperature measurement and control. Optionally a beam knife can be placed above the sample for improved background at low angles. The HTK 16N is suitable for XRD studies of both organic and inorganic materials.