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XRF in the hands of scientists

Looking for a flexible, yet simple to use, analytical instrument for research and education? Epsilon 1 is the ideal addition to any institution’s analytical equipment. It is capable of simple element identification and quantification to more sophisticated analysis. Introduce students to an analytical technique widely used in industry for production and quality control, but often neglected in the classroom. If you want to liven-up your university or enhance your serious cutting edge research, the Epsilon 1 is an easy to operate, compact and X-ray safe instrument without the need for additional chemicals. Epsilon 1 can be used for educating students in lab-practicals and for research activities in a variety of disciplines, for example, chemistry, geology, archeology, environmental sciences, material sciences and forensics.

Fortify your milk powder analysis

Looking for an accurate and fast instrument for the cost-effective analysis of milk powder? The Epsilon 1 X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer is the ideal analytical solution for quantification of potassium, calcium, iron and zinc in milk powder. Considerable savings in time and cost are two of the many benefits XRF can bring to milk powder production. The Epsilon 1 is calibrated with an out-of-the-box solution for easy quantification of the most commonly controlled elements in milk powder. The system produces fast, cost effective, precise and accurate data without the need for additional chemicals or operating gasses.

The multipurpose solution for your analytical needs

With the Empyrean, PANalytical has set the new standard for a multipurpose diffractometer. In developing the ultimate X-ray platform for the analysis of powders, thin films, nanomaterials and solid objects, the PANalytical R&D team has redesigned all key components of the X-ray diffractometer from the ground up. It is PANalytical's answer to the challenges of modern materials research, where the lifetime of a diffractometer is considerably longer than the horizon of any research project.