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Customer Care Agreements

PANalytical assists customers in the assembly of PANassist Customer Care Agreements from clear, solid building blocks to offer the right level of assistance tailored to suit each customer’s specific needs and requirements. Customers select options from an extensive range of service and expertise support. With many years of experience, PANalytical has developed PANassist services into carefully designed base packages that can be expanded with optional services. Each tailored Customer Care Agreement defines the scope of PANalytical’s ongoing support. It not only encompasses reactive support, but also comprises a select mix of yearly or half-yearly preventive maintenance visits from customer support specialists. Regular checks on the validity of customer instrument performance, remote support and help in developing further methods can form part of the agreement too.

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The Anton Paar DCS 350 domed cooling stage is a stage accessory that has been designed for non-ambient XRD studies that require sample positioning and/or alignment in sample height, tilt or rotation. The DCS 350 is designed for flat solid samples with a maximum diameter of 25 mm. An X-ray transparent dome is available to facilitate measurements in controlled atmospheres, such as low vacuum or in inert gases, to prevent unwanted chemical reactions. Standardly the temperature range for the DCS 350 is from room temperature up to 350 °C (623 K). With the additional low-temperature equipment, the temperature range can be extended down to -100 °C (173 K). The DCS 350 is fully integrated in Data Collector. Measurements can be performed using Data Collector’s non-ambient batch programs. You can design your complete experiment by defining temperature profiles with desired heating and cooling rates. Moreover z-height compensation tables are available that correct automatically for the expansion of the Anton Paar sample holder (Ni plated Cu alloy) during non-ambient experiments. The DCS 350 stage is now available for mounting on top of the Empyrean three-axes cradle.