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Accurate and X-ray safe quantification of ores and rocks

Looking for a more accurate and X-ray safe instrument for quantifying ores and rocks? If so, the Epsilon 1 is the ideal analytical solution for bringing more accurate results closer to the mines. With its small footprint and very simple installation requirements, the benchtop instrument can be located very close to where the analysis is needed, for example, in the quarry or mine-site office. With little or no sample preparation required, Epsilon 1 allows screening and accurate quantification of ores, rocks, stream-sediment samples and even blast-hole chips. The Epsilon 1 is an easy to operate instrument with guaranteed peace-of-mind X-ray safety. Without the need for additional chemicals or operating gasses, the system provides superior precision relative to basic wet-chemical techniques. The instrument is calibrated with Omnian, PANalytical’s market-leading standardless analysis package, used on our more advanced instruments. As an out-of-the-box solution, Omnian can be used to analyze a wide variety of sample compositions from sodium to americium across the periodic table.

Versatile X-ray scattering platform

The Empyrean Nano edition is a hybrid laboratory X-ray scattering instrument. It uniquely enables for a variety of techniques for the structural characterization of (nano)materials on multiple length scales. Main applications: • SAXS and WAXS: Small-and wide-angle X-ray scattering • Bio-SAXS:     SAXS on biological macromolecules • USAXS:      Ultra small-angle X-ray scattering • Total scattering:    Atomic pair distribution function (PDF)
           analysis Several other applications, such as powder diffraction, thin film analysis and CT can be added - also as later upgrades. The high performance and flexibility of the instrument are driven by a high-resolution goniometer platform, a modular concept and latest detector technology. > Download brochure

X-ray components

The field of X-ray components is continuously developing. New technologies in micro- and nanofabrication keep increasing the performance of our X-ray instruments, sometimes with orders of magnitude. Several of these innovative components can also be added to already installed instruments, to further increase the performance of your (existing) system. PANalytical collaborates with the world’s leading (technology development) institutions to bring cutting-edge technology to your avail. We carefully select new technologies and thoroughly test them before we incorporate them in our instruments. On these pages, we show you a few of the state-of-the-art components for our instruments. Are you looking for something that is not in our catalogue yet? Our ‘specials’ team has developed many customized solutions for a wide variety of applications.

The next generation cost-effective, multipurpose X-ray diffraction platform

X'Pert³ Powder is PANalytical’s newest X-ray diffraction system based on the fully renewed X’Pert platform. With new on-board control electronics, compliance with the latest and most stringent X-ray and motion safety norms, advances in eco-friendliness and reliability the X’Pert³ Powder is ready for the future. The system offers an affordable solution for high-throughput, high-quality phase identification and quantification, residual stress analysis, grazing incidence diffraction, X-ray reflectometry, small-angle X-ray scattering, pair distribution function analysis and non-ambient diffraction.