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Versatile chamber for work at low to medium-high temperatures

The Anton Paar TTK 600 chamber is the successor of the TTK 450 low-temperature chamber. This new TTK 600 low-temperature chamber is equipped with an improved heating/cooling mechanism, extending the temperature range from -190 ºC to +600 ºC. TTK 600 enables in situ powder XRD measurements in both reflection and transmission and can be used with air, inert atmosphere or vacuum. If cooling below -10 ºC is not required, compressed air cooling can be used instead of liquid nitrogen cooling. Thermocouple is placed right underneath the sample for accurate temperature measure and control. Optional beam knife or beam stop can be placed inside the chamber for the improved low angle background in reflection or transmission, respectively.


CubiX³ is the preferred choice for industrial X-ray diffraction (XRD) applications providing the highest speed phase analysis for process optimization and quality control on the market. CubiX3 delivers exceptional analysis speed, reliability and reproducibility. Introducing new features such as high-intensity data collection and extra flexibility in sample handling for automated environments, CubiX3 can be set up for fully automated, push-button operation. The initial investment in this platform is rapidly earned back because of the ease of operation, the independency of operators and safety for users when compared to traditional methods like wet-chemical process control or microscopy. Rapid measurement equates to real cost savings and rugged construction ensures maximum uptime of the system.