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In some instances an automated laboratory system must account for treatment of the sample before it is sent to the laboratory. A steel sample, for example, taken from the mold, generally contains a 'pin' where the liquid material entered the sample body. Proper, safe and secure removal of the pin is of vital importance for automated treatment. To remove the pin before the sample is entered into the automated system, a number of methods have been developed - from shearing to cutting. The best method currently available is by using a cut-off wheel. This device, that only makes use of compressed air, is commercially available and fully automatic.

Studying thin films and solids at high-temperature conditions

Anton Paar DHS 1100 is a unique compact high-temperature device allowing tilt and rotation of the sample with respect to the X-ray beam for advanced thin film applications. The optimized heater design guarantees high temperature uniformity and accurate temperature measurement and control. The X-ray-transparent half-circle dome enables a large field of view when working with 2D detectors. For easy handling of air-sensitive samples a gas flow ring enabling a flow of inert gas is placed around the sample insert port.

Focus on the details to capture the bigger picture

Do you need elemental analysis of small objects or small inclusions in electronic appliances, toys, jewelry, rocks or finished products? Epsilon 1 for small spot analysis, a compact X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, is the ideal analytical solution for a flexible and precise spot-on analysis. The measuring procedure is easy and straightforward: Place any shaped sample directly in the spectrometer without the need of sample preparation. Position the requested detail above the small measuring spot with the help of a color camera, initiate the measurement and receive your results. Due to the self-contained design and small footprint, Epsilon 1 can be placed close to the sample location, making the instrument an ideal solution for any elemental analysis in production facilities, exploration sites, at the shop counter or even at crime sites for forensic investigation. The performance of the spectrometer meets the standard test methods required by different directives and regulations in various industry markets, like RoHS-2 for electronics and CPSIA for many consumer goods.