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Performance validation of ScatterX78 against NIST reference materials

03 February 2014  SAXS measurements were performed on a set of nanoparticle size reference materials from NIST. The experimental data acquired with ScatterX78 were analyzed with the EasySAXS software to determine the nanoparticle size distributions. All results were found to be precise and accurate, and in good agreement with the values given by NIST. Additional tests on multi-modal particle size distributions demonstrated the power of the indirect Fourier transformation approach for data analysis.

Practical small spot mapping. Analysis of a ceramic inclusion using SumXcore technology

19 October 2015  X-ray fluorescence analysis is a nondestructive, straightforward and fast approach to carry out quality control checks on ceramics. However, the size of ceramic inclusions typically requires analysis of a much smaller spot size compared to traditional bulk XRF techniques. This study illustrates the capability of Zetium to perform small spot analysis and elemental distribution mapping of an inclusion in a ceramic.