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Mining International Seminar 2016

29 February 2016  International Seminar Sonora Mining was originally created in 1995 as an event at the local level where advances and services that the various mining companies in the region had to offer. Over time, its prestige grew, recognizing the quality of its conferences and exhibitions. Always at the forefront and looking to be innovative, to this event were adding, business, recreational and promotional activities, but also pre-seminar courses, which are a plus for the visitors, as they have been proved to be a powerful tool in the search and acquisition of new knowledge and technology. Currently the International Seminar on Mining in Sonora is the state's most important event, the second largest mining event in Mexico and one of the 5 most outstanding mining events in America.

Mineralogical changes of slag and fly ash cements during hydration

24 March 2014  XRD analysis in combination with the Rietveld method enables the quantification of hydrated cementitious systems containing cement, blast-furnace slag and fly ash. The aim of the analysis approach is to determine all occurring crystalline phases and to distinguish between the amorphous contents originating from blast-furnace slag, fly ash and amorphous or ill-crystalline phases formed during the hydration reaction. The investigation of the time dependent decrease of the amorphous blast-furnace slag and fly ash content enables to follow the reaction of these materials and to determine the overall degree of reaction. In order to quantify the different amorphous contents, internal and external standard methods as well as hkl-approaches can be applied.

Analyzing and groundtruthing soil characteristics
Analyzing and groundtruthing soil characteristics

15 September 2016  ASD's spectroscopy webinar in September will focus on the application of Soil Characteristics and will feature the FieldSpec 4 and HandHeld 2 ASD instruments. Registrants and attendees of this webinar will learn: - How water has the ability to alter soil spectral reflectance - Why the location of water in the soil has importance - Soil nutrient and organic matter analysis - The use of an ASD instrument for UAS sensor calibration - The ability to groundtruth a UAS sensor using an ASD instrument