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Refinery corrosion control by chlorine determination in crude oils

07 April 2016  Reducing downtime of the refining operation, for instance by corrosion prevention, improves your margins significantly. About one third of maintenance downtime can be linked to corrosion. Chlorine content in crude oil and process streams is responsible for an important part of the corrosion. X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is widely used for the analysis of sulfur in oil. The simultaneous determination of very low chlorine concentrations poses an analytical challenge due to the proximity of both elements in the periodic table of elements. Watch this webinar on to find out about PANalytical’s solution to meet this challenge.

Introduction into Rietveld quantification for cement and mining industry

25 November 2016  The course is intended for users from various industries (cement, mining and others). It gives a basic introduction into the principles of Rietveld quantification. The focus is on practical aspects like the creation of control files, the refinement strategies for simple and complex materials, and the fine-tuning of control files. For the training, several examples from industrial applications will be used (raw materials, clinker, cement, ores). A knowledge on the Rietveld method is not required to attend the course.

Argentina Mining 2016 - Salta, Argentina

31 August 2016  Argentina Mining es el encuentro internacional premium del sector minero argentino y se lleva a cabo bienalmente desde 1996. Las Conferencias Mining se realizan en Sudamérica desde 1995 y Argentina Mining 2014 fue la décima edición de este importante evento en nuestro país. Anteriormente también se llevaron a cabo Bolivia Mining 95, 99 y 2001 y Ecuador Mining 97. Argentina Mining es una excelente oportunidad para establecer contactos de negocios; ofrecer productos y servicios; informarse de las políticas y leyes mineras, así como estar al tanto de la evolución en proyectos y planes de exploración, todo ello en un ámbito netamente minero, junto a sus principales referentes.

Mining International Seminar 2016

29 February 2016  International Seminar Sonora Mining was originally created in 1995 as an event at the local level where advances and services that the various mining companies in the region had to offer. Over time, its prestige grew, recognizing the quality of its conferences and exhibitions. Always at the forefront and looking to be innovative, to this event were adding, business, recreational and promotional activities, but also pre-seminar courses, which are a plus for the visitors, as they have been proved to be a powerful tool in the search and acquisition of new knowledge and technology. Currently the International Seminar on Mining in Sonora is the state's most important event, the second largest mining event in Mexico and one of the 5 most outstanding mining events in America.