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12 May 2015  This workshop will discuss the basis of quantitative phase analysis (QPA) for both single peak and whole pattern approaches. The focus will be on how to select and apply these methods, particularly in the context of the derivation of absolute phase abundances. The presence of poorly crystalline or amorphous content requires extension of the basic methods, but, once these are established, they can be shown to produce QPA to the similar lower limits of detection and accuracy as for crystalline phases.

Rapid free lime analysis for high frequency process control

18 January 2016  In this webinar various techniques to determine the free lime content in clinker with X-rays will be discussed. From an instrumentation point of view, free lime measurements can be performed with either reflection or transmission methods, while from an analytical point of view the free lime content can be determined either with calibration or Rietveld methods. The pros and cons of these various techniques will be discussed.