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Analysis of the elemental composition of nanomaterials by X-ray fluorescence

17 April 2015  In this introductory webinar we will discuss the importance of controlling the elemental composition of nanomaterials and demonstrate how X-ray fluorescence (XRF) can easily be used for a quick (semi-quantitative) screening as well as for an accurate quantification of major and minor elements that are present in a sample. XRF has the advantage of being a non-destructive technique that can determine elemental compositions from small (tens of milligrams) as well as large (several grams) sample amounts. It can be applied to virtually all forms of materials, such as nanopowders, liquid nanoparticle dispersions and solid nanocomposites and yields representative data. The webinar targets nanomaterial researchers in academia and industry, as well as process and quality control managers of industrial nanomaterial producers.

Best practices - Fitting of X-ray reflectivity data with X’Pert Reflectivity

28 September 2017  This webinar will focus on the X-ray reflectivity (XRR) data analyzation. We will start with a brief discussion on how to judge the quality of the experimental data. Then simulating and fitting on XRR data will be shown in a step-by-step manner, from a simple 2 layers system fitting move towards a more complicated case. Different fitting strategy and practices that help to speeding up the fitting process will also be discussed. A live Q & A will conclude the presentation.