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Academic research

Getting you the best data for your publications is our key drive. Our instruments are designed to give you the highest data quality, to allow you seeing the finest details of the materials you investigate. The hard- and software is designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring that this unrivalled data quality is accessible for professors and students alike. Our equipment comes with extensive training material, making it straightforward to use it in educational programs, e.g. for undergraduate students. And when the research focus changes, we can upgrade your instruments to be prepared for the next challenges, making your investment a safe one for years to come.

Typical applications include:

  • Determination of elemental and/or crystallographic composition of synthesized powders, solids, liquids, thin films or nanomaterials, at ambient and non-ambient conditions
  • Materials characterization for renewable energy applications, such as Li-ion battery assemblies, hydrogen storage materials, solar cells
  • Structural characterization for life sciences applications
  • A direct view of the degree of preferred orientation and/or residual stresses in your components and thin films
  • A rapid and non-destructive characterization of the quality of heteroepitaxial layers and layer stacks
  • Direct observation of the inside structure of samples using X-ray imaging and computed tomography
  • Field spectroscopy and remote sensing for environmental applications

Getting cutting-edge results

PANalytical’s Empyrean, X’Pert³ Powder and X’Pert³ MRD (XL) X-ray diffractometers are praised in academic environments for their data quality, flexibility for a multitude of applications and their ruggedness. Designed for multi-user environments with varying skill levels, new users get acquainted with the instrument easily, while for experienced users all features are there to generate data of unrivalled quality. Our diffractometers are often used for selecting samples and preparing the experiments for synchrotron beamlines, saving valuable time on-site. Thanks to the consequent use of PreFIX (pre-aligned fast interchangeable X-ray) modules in our multipurpose diffractometers, these are quickly reconfigured for new applications when the research focus changes, making an investment in PANalytical equipment a solid choice for years to come.

Our FieldSpec near-infrared spectroradiometers generate high-quality field spectra at the required illumination and viewing geometry for accurate correlation to satellite and aircraft sensor data. Available in multiple configurations, FieldSpec® spectroradiometers allow you to create detailed spectral libraries tailored to your application. Bringing a level of device portability that only ASD can provide, the FieldSpec® also helps you work in some of the most remote regions of the planet.

Epsilon 1 is the ideal, cost-effective addition to any institution’s analytical equipment. It is capable of simple element identification and quantification to more sophisticated analysis.

For elemental characterization, the Epsilon 4 energy dispersive spectrometer offers a quick yet precise analysis of synthesized powders and thin films, exceeding the performance of electron microscopy-based elemental characterization on bulk samples. The Zetium spectrometers give excellent light-element performance at the lowest detection limits.

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