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XUV Optics: Empyrean - the answer to challenges of modern research

"The industrial focus group XUV Optics, part of the MESA+ institute for nanotechnology, is located in a new high-tech lab at the University of Twente (the Netherlands). XUV Optics performs top research in the field of nanotechnology. They specialize in developing multilayer mirrors (e.g. used in space telescopes) and in advanced forms of lithography to generate new computer chips."

In the video, lab manager Prof. Dr. Fred Bijkerk and assistant professor Dr. Ir. Robbert van der Kruis explain how PANalytical’s Empyrean X-ray diffractometer contributes to their research.

DAK Americas

"AxiosmAX is a great instrument, very reliable and rugged."

Denise Stalvey, DAK Americas


"98% of all metal analysis on our catalyst is done by XRF – we run 100 samples per day on each system, and we are a 24/7 operation...
As a company we value our relationship with PANalytical and appreciate the great response we get.”

Oscar Velasco, Analytical Operations Manager, Albemarle

Carnegie Mellon University

"Our X’Pert PRO MRD has been a workhorse for our many graduate and undergraduate students here at Carnegie Mellon University. At any given time there are dozens of users trained to use this instrument, and they often need different configurations to accomplish their research. Thanks to PreFIX optics, we can reliably exchange optics and detectors in as little as 10 minutes."

Jason Wolf, X-ray Laboratory Supervisor, Carnegie Mellon University

University of São Paulo

"The PIXcel3D detector, and capability to make tomographic images, opens a big new horizon for flaw detection in electronic devices on semiconductors. The Empyrean system is an extremely versatile diffractometer which, I have no doubt, will increase the the power of our studies at the University of São Paulo."

Dr. Nilton Morimoto, head of the Microsystem Division, University of São Paulo

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