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PANalytical offers several unique solutions for the whole value chain: from research and development to production, process control and recycling. XRF and XRD are used for characterization and quantification of polymers, functional additives, toxic heavy metals and other restricted materials in polymers and plastics. From virgin polymers to recycled plastics, XRF and XRD analysis is essential for quality control.

Typical examples

  • Additives, fillers and catalyst quantification in plastics
  • Mineral fillers identification like rutile-anatase
  • Toxic element and REACH RoHS 2 compliance screening
  • Identification of polymer types

The The Polymers edition of Zetium provides application modules for functional additives and heavy element setup. The choice when speed and sample throughput are important combined with the lowest detection limits.

Epsilon 4, the most powerful and best-in-class energy dispersive XRF (EDXRF) spectrometer has market leading light element performance to provide low detection limits for polymer filler elements like magnesium, aluminium and others. Its low detection limits for the RoHS 2 restricted elements cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury as well as bromine in the PBBs and PBDEs combined with our unique reference materials complete this benchtop solution for the plastics industry.

CubiX³ is the preferred choice for industrial X-ray diffraction (XRD) applications in the plastics industry, providing the highest speed phase analysis for process optimization and quality control on the market. Titanium dioxide and iron oxides phase analysis in approximately 5 minutes are just two examples. The initial investment in CubiX³ is rapidly earned back because of the ease of operation, the independency of operators and safety for users when compared to traditional methods like wet-chemical process control or microscopy.

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