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X'Press 1 2016

Our periodical X'Press: The customer’s voice, contains news items, reports of trips and conferences and customer stories.

The theme in this first edition of the new year is trust. Trust, in the meaning of ‘relying on’ or ‘having faith in’ is from all times and is the base of all relationships in personal and business life.
PANalytical’s systems usually serve one aspect of ‘trust’: they enable the user to trust the quality of his products. Our stories about banah UK Ltd., SoilCares and the Indian Hetero Drugs company show how these customers use our equipment for quality control. Does the newly developed cement contain the desired components, what is the exact composition of the analyzed soil and do the produced drugs only contain the specified compounds in their effective form – these are only some of the questions which can be answered by employing X-ray diffraction or X-ray fluorescence.

In this issue, among other things:
PANalytical makes its mark in geopolymer cement with banah UK Limited
PDF analysis: A twentyfirst century revolution?
Trusted soil quality from SoilCares
Advanced X-ray analysis for Hetero Drugs Limited R&D center
PANalytical’s Remote Assistance Suite Always in control of your Axios/ Zetium system

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