Optical emission spectrometers

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OBLF, PANalytical

PANalytical and OBLF, a solid partnership in laboratory automation

For many years there has been a very close relationship between PANalytical and OBLF where OBLF’s optical emission spectrometers are integrated into PANalytical’s automated laboratory systems for customers in the metals market.

As both companies believe in exceptional product quality and robustness together with strong focus on customer satisfaction, the combination provides solid solution for customers in this demanding market. OBLF’s optical emission spectrometers can be integrated by adding the PANalytical’s automation module or even integrate them into the unique hybrid XRF/OES solution TEAMWorks.

Optical emission spectrometers of OBLF

The OBLF series of optical emission spectrometers comprises a range of high-performance spark OES instruments. All units are built using a wide range of common, robust, modules. The series includes the GS 1000-II, QSN 750-II and QSG 750-II photo-multiplier detection based instruments and also the VeOS solid-state detector based spectrometer.

All OBLF spectrometers are identified by their robustness, high performance, ease of use and limited maintenance requirements. We deliver all instruments factory pre-calibrated running all required recalibration samples to ensure a proper match between the individual spectrometers and the customers' applications.

GS 1000-II, OBLF, PANalytical
GS 1000-II

The GS 1000-II is the ideal instrument for single-matrix applications. Its robustness and the ease of use make it the ideal tool for foundries.

OBLF, PANalytical
QSN 750-II

The QSN 750-II is the ideal instrument for single- or multi-matrix applications for metal producers, testing labs and /or research institutes.

OBLF, PANalytical
QSG 750-II

The QSG 750-II is the ideal instrument for multi-matrix applications, which demand the lowest possible detection limits.

OBLF, PANalytical
OES in automation

The OBLF series of optical emission spectrometers comprises a range of high-performance spark OES instruments.

The automated laboratory

Within an automated laboratory, complete preparation, analysis processes and sample transportation to and within the laboratory, can be mechanized and computerized.

Now used for metals

Process control and quality control in the metal industry are driven by rapid and accurate chemical analysis.

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