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Workshop Brazil - IYCr2014

Workshop of Crystallography in Brazil

The workshop was held in São Paulo on December 2nd until 4th in the framework of the IYCr2014. This workshop was organized in collaboration with AntonPaar with an emphasis on non-ambient conditions.

The various subjects topic focused from the basics of crystallography to examples of applications of crystallography in our society. Prof. Rômulo from the University of Pará showed the principles of crystallography and its history and how it evolved from Röntgen discovery to the Bragg contributions. A mineral collection illustrating the various crystal systems was exposed during the workshop. Additional contributions covered some additional historical aspects about X-rays crystallography from the Laue experiments to Debye and new technologies.

The application examples started with a presentation about how the crystallography helped in a real case of a pharmaceutical research development inside the University of São Paulo, together with a pharmaceutical company. Other presentations showed were crystallography can help in the forensic science and in archeology with real examples. The important applications x-ray diffraction in the mining and industry were also presented.

The last day of workshop was focused in hands on experiments, where all the participants could see some micro diffraction experiments, ScatterX78 and also the HTK1200. A very nice presentation of all possibilities with non ambient experiment was held with support of Anton Paar Mr. Andreas Pein.

The event was a great success with around 30 people coming from universities, research institutes and also industry.

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